Friday, June 26, 2009

B&W Vampires Challenge for Wizards of the Coast

Concept Name: B&W VampiresDue Date: June 28, 2009, Noon PSTConcept Description: This is it - the very last challenge to join and get the qualified to be considered for entry in the first ever "Best of ArtOrder" book.
Twist 1 - I've asked two art directors from some competing games publishing companies to jump in and judge the challenge. As soon as I get confirmation, I will reveal the art directors in question. Think on it - three art directors...three companies...three times the exposure.
Twist 2 - I'm going to toss a commission into the mix. I'll put on B&W commission for an upcoming product into the ring, and see who wants to walk away with it. I will name that person, based upon their quality of work and ability to execute the art description to my satisfaction. I've also offered this option to the two other art keep an eye on these pages and see if they accept the challenge and sweeten the pot even more.
The Art Description:Illo 001: Gwenth and GarrethSpecifications: 1/3 V - 3” w X 6.75” hThis illo depicts a pair of vampires: Gwenth and Garreth. Must be B&W - no grayscale. You can use line, hatch, zip tone, stipple any tool or technique - as long as it is strictly BLACK & WHITE.
Gwenth: A female vampire, once a human, who excels at stealth and ambush attacks. She wears leather armor and carries two short swords. She should look both seductive and dangerous, but let’s avoid clothing that’s too revealing or risqué. She has short, dark hair, and is an effective assassin. If we see her partially obscured by shadows, that’s great.
Garreth: A male vampire, once a human, who is more of an up-front bruiser. He wears leather armor, and carries a heavy shield and short sword. He’s standing in front of Gwenth, almost protectively. He has pale, almost white hair, and the scars of several battles. He’s thickly built and muscular, and his mouth is open to reveal his fangs and vampiric nature.