Thursday, April 30, 2009

Typography 1- Assignment 3

In this assignment I was asked to take over a hundred different photos of text around my town of Aliso Viejo. I was to take pictures of each letter in the alphabet (Capitol and lowercase). I was also asked to do numbers 0-9 as well. I found it very easy to find text around my town, but found it very difficult to take the picture due to mall and store policies. I was sent to the mall security office and asked to leave the premises. I then went to Laguna to take pictures and was run off by shop owners. Luckily I was able to finish all five sets of alphabets. After I had the images I was told to place them in Adobe Illustrator and create five sets. This assignment taught me to LOOK at other text where ever I go. There are so many different kinds, some good, some bad, but all can be appreciated.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rendering 1- Assignment 3

Assignment- Metaphorical Self Portrait- Compose a small still life made up of a single object that reflects something about you; your passion, your special interest. Render the object using pen and ink in four different approaches: line, parallel line, stipple and cross hatching. Use a single light source. DUE Monday, March 9.
This assignment proved to be very technical and difficult to do. I give MAJOR props to ARTISTS who specialize in inking cause it is HARD. Although there was some difficulty for me I had a lot of fun and did learn a lot about the different style of inking.

Typography 1-Assignment 2

For this assignment I was to create a full alphabet by using the concept from my first assignment and then name the new alphabet. I called my alphabet "GERMS". I first drew out my final concepts on trace paper and then scanned them into photoshop. After touching them up a bit I imported them into Illustrator and then live traced each letter and number. After they were all traced in Illustrator I formatted them onto an 11x17 page and then printed them for show in class. I then had to create a sentence using the font as well as create some words to go with the style.

Rendering 1- Assignment 2

Assignment: Life- Create a small, portable still life made up of a smooth, matte white cylinder, sphere and cube, glued to a surface. Render the objects and their cast shadows using a full range of graphite pencils and smooth shading. The still life should look as if it is being lit from above and to the left. DUE Mon. February 16.
This assignment was another assignment that allowed me to further understand smooth cross hatching while also using all different graphite wieghts. After creating the still life with several styrophome shapes I snapped off a few digital photos and placed them into photoshop to highten the contrast. I printed out the reference as well as kept the model constructed at home so that I could work at school as well as at home. I was to use ranges of graphite from H4 to B4. I had a lot of fun exploring and expirimenting with the different values of graphite. I wish I would have spent even more time darkening this picture for ultimate contrast.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cuckoo's Nest Logo Design:2009

This is my very first Logo Design. Thank you Nina for giving me the opportunity to create this logo for you!
For this design I was told the logo needed to resembled a dear friend of Nina's. Nina gave me a picture and a couple of t-shirts that included past designs. The design also had to be pirate related. So, Nina asked if I could make her friend a pirate. I was also told that the pirate needed to be holding a wine goblet in one hand and grapes in the other. After a couple of practice sketches and dreaming up looks for this t-shirt logo, I finally came up with one that I worked. After I hand drew the picture of my pirate with reference to Nina's friend I then hand inked the drawing for crisp and richer lines. I then scanned the image into Adobe Illustrator and live traced the image for a cleaner graphic look. Lastly I added the text with Illustrator and sen it to Nina for approval....and she LOVED IT! YAAAAY!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Foundation Computer Art

Another class I took my first semester at CSULB was Foundation Computer Art. This class was a lot of fun for me. This class taught me the basics about programs such as: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign. I also learned basic coding for a website (CRAZY!). Our first project focused on using Photoshop to do photo correction. I took an old photo from the civil war days and had to take out all the tears and smudges. I also had to work on color correction and contrast.
The second project was also with Photoshop. We had to create a collage of several different images in order to make one piece of art. For this project I used some of my own sketches and also some found images.
The third project was with Illustrator. I had to make a treasure map by using images in live trace and placing them as markers.
The fourth project was making a promotional booklet or portfolio for self marketing.
Lastly, I had to create my own web page. FUN!! :)

Foundation Painting

One of my first classes at CSULB was Foundation Painting. This class was, for me, more difficult then it sounds. I feel like graphite drawings and tonal drawings are my strengths. Painting in color is very difficult for me to understand. After a few projects I found that I had a lot of bad habits. We primarily used oils and I find that oil painting is a bit ritualistic. There is a lot of time spent setting up, mixing the paint and then applying it purposefully. I just wanted to jump right in and paint. I was ALL about blending ON the canvas and quickly learned that blending on the canvas was, majority of the time, WRONG. I was told that it was best to mix the paint on my PALLET and then apply the paint to the canvas. I admit that I was a little apprehensive at first because I did not want to have to spend more money on paints, but found that I needed to buck up and INVEST. Oil looks fantastic when it is applied in thick layers and each stroke creating its own shadow and texture while also working together with the rest of the colors on the canvas.
This class allowed a lot of creative freedom and we were commended on our strengths and made to figure out our own weaknesses. Like I said, I have a lot of bad habits I need to change. This class also helped me with my fear of color. I am still a little intimidated, but now that the ice has been broken I am more interested in adding and applying color to pieces.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Typography 1- Assignment 1

3D Letters Part-1
The final result for part 1 of this project will produce two 3 dimensional sculptures of letter forms on a wooden platform. The size can be varied but it is recommended to build the sculpture taller than 6 inches for ease of sculpting details. The finish will be applied in part 2.
You are asked to choose a letter form from you freehand lettering done during the first class meeting to build the free form letter of this assignment. The classic letter form can be a different letter and can be chosen from one of the following typeface;
Times New Roman
1. Start with a study wooden base that is heavy and large enough to support the sculpture.
2. Depends on the shape and form of the letter you picked, build wire frame to support the sculpture. Think through the weight distribution. It is best if you use 2-3 different thickness of wires to make the frame. You also may use other material to build the "bone structure" such as thin wooden rods or small metal sheets. These material can be glued, tied or welded. You may also make several colored pencil sketches in few different angles taking weight and mass distribution into consideration. Please take a picture of this stage before applying clay.
3. Once the "bone" is built, you can start building "flesh." The material can be any one of commercially available clay. You can use modeling tools or just fingers to sculpt the 3D letter form of your choice. It is recommended to build out slightly larger/thicker shape and work your way back by shaving thin layers. Choose material that dries in a reasonable amount of time. You also may have to add extra material to build the shape bigger if you took out too much at first.
4. Make sure the sculpture is dried before you transport.
5. Please bring 2 finished sculptures and digital picture of the letter forms at the "bone" stage to class.
This project was great for helping me see type as not just a flat font, but a three dimensional form with bone, muscle and flesh. I took this opportunity to do something a bit more my style. After drawing out a complete alphabet of what type style I thought was more my "personality", I started to create the bone with two types of wire. One type being hard wire and the other being stranded wire (for easy manipulation). After taking the photos I began to construct the muscle of both my classic letter form which was Time New Roman and my original letter form. I am a starving student so I used some modeling clay that my friend Harris gave to me and for that, I am THANKFUL!
I admit that my first attempt was a bit unfinished so I went back to the classic and smoothed it out, then went back to my original form and added more texture.
After we brought the finished models to class we were then told to complete them by painting the flesh. This was FUN! For the Time New Roman I chose classic black for the flesh. I had a GREAT time painting my original letter form model and I think turned out pretty good although I like the muscle stage the best. I think the color takes away from the true texture of three dimensional type. What do you think?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rendering 1- Assignment 1

Single Object- Render a small non-reflective object using a full range of graphite pencils and smooth shading. The object should look as if it is being lit by a single light source directly in front of it. Due Wednesday, February 4.
This assignment I chose to draw a small wooden elephant that belongs to my wife. This assignment, in general, was more demanding than I thought. I am use to shading graphite with stomps and my finger, but in this assignment we were to shade only by cross hatching. Cross hatching was a bit foreign to me in the beginning, but after creating a small study (8.5x11") of my object, I started to understand how to get the form and create smoothness by quality of mark. My instructor constantly stressed "purposeful marks". Although the saying became like a broken record, it did force me to look deeper into my drawing and figure out how I can build on it even more. The final piece was done on a 14x17" sheet of Bristol board. This assignment helped me understand cross hatching and the over all study of sketching.
I still feel that the study is not yet complete. I think there can be more contrast between darks, lights and mid tones. When I find the time, I will work some more on this study.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Third Times a Charm 2

So after my decision to let go of acting and singing I found new inspiration to pursue art and Illustration as a career. All this inspiration came from working at WATG (architecture and design firm) and also seeing my wife, Grace earn her degree in Interior Architecture at California State University Long Beach. I figured, almost a decade of being out of high school and working all sorts of different jobs, this time would be my only chance to get a degree before starting a family.
I am currently an art student at CSULB and I am working towards a BFA in Illustration. I am very happy with my life. I have a wonderful wife, , great family, a beautiful home and awesome friends. I am looking forward to graduating and continuing art as career.
Above is a current piece I painted in acrylic at CSULB.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Third Times' a Charm

After my recent departure from WATG I have experienced clarity. I am taking advantage of my "time off" and putting some ideas into play. It has been a slow start, but after putting my priorities in order I am looking forward to the long venture towards my finished products.
Some questions that may arise from those of you who decide to follow this crazy person who has VERY little experience about this blogging business. You may ask yourself, " What the HELL is WATG?" Even more, "Who the HELL is Jesse McClurg?!"
Well, I am Jesse McClurg. I am 28 years old and live in beautiful Aliso Viejo, California. I am originally from the San Francisco bay area and lived there till I graduated high school and then moved to Southern California, Valencia to be exact. My reasoning for moving to Valencia right out of high school was to attend California Institute of the Arts. I was very much into the whole acting thing for a very long time. I have work professionally for many years and yes even went to school for it. Although I did not graduate from Cal Arts, I did walk away with a HUGE desire to do something different then acting. I knew two things. I either wanted to be a singer in a band or be an Illustrator. Since the band thing didn't really work out I have decided to take my hobby to the next level. Third times a charm right? In theory. :)
I think the letting go of the acting thing was probably the best decision for me. I had been doing it for so long and taking it way too seriously that I believe I just got burnt out and tired of center stage. I still feel the need to express myself and I think my art will allow me to put myself out there, but only pieces at a time.
--to be continued--