Saturday, July 11, 2009

Earthquake Dragon

Concept Name: Catastrophic Dragon
Due Date: July 12, 2009, Noon PST Concept
Description: Let's get back to our roots here - critters!
Our very first challenge had to do with development of a critter, and it just seems fitting to have the first challenge for the next "best of ArtOrder" kick off with a critter piece. Not to mention - I love critters! While critters are cool, let's kick it up a notch. I've received a million requests to make an art challenge based on dragons...well now is your chance. Yesterday, Dragon® magazine rolled out a playtest article so you could test drive a new catastrophic dragon - the Volcanic Dragon. It's a really cool new dragon. Without getting deep into the story and mechanics of the piece (you want that, then subscribe!) - the basic concept of the catastrophic dragon is simple. They are infused with the elemental fury that brings about catastrophic effects in the world. So, a volcanic Dragon is infused with the elemental fury of the volcano. When you look at the concept art created by Richard Whitters, Wizards of the Coast Lead concept artist, you will notice that the "body" of the dragon is just a shell or carapace that holds the elemental fury. It is a fun and cool concept.The Details
• The catastrophic force that you will be using is "earthquake".
• You can choose how you show that elemental force.
• Create a catastrophic dragon that follows the basic body style shown in the Volcanic Dragon
• Create a unique head profile/silhouette, and other body elements that create a easily identified dragon (from the other catastrophic dragons)
I designed my Earthquake Dragon to be a ground dwelling dragon; this means the Earthquake Dragon cannot fly. The Earthquake Dragon can dig and borrow underground and as it moves beneath the surface the "rock like" spines on its back tear through the earths crust creating devastating tremors ultimately destroying everything in its path. Once the Earthquake Dragon emerges from the depths of the earth it is just as destructive. The Earthquake Dragon does not have the ability to breath fire like the traditional dragons, but it does have the ability to release seismic sound waves from its vocal cavity that can crack through rock and stone mountain sides. The size of the Earthquake dragon is catastrophic in itself. Any movement shakes the earth beneath its claws.